This course is intended for social psychology graduate students. It will expose students to a number of classic and contemporary theories that guide social psychological research. The topics covered in this course represent a broad selection of major themes in the field and each topic will provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the field as well as learn how social psychologists think about and conduct research. The field of social psychology is very broad and there are many topics to cover. No one class could do justice to all the topics we will discuss—in fact, one could argue that the topics presented in each chapter could deserve the treatment of a full course. In this course we will examine social psychological principles, concepts, theories, and research with an emphasis on how these can be used to understand problems of living in a complex world.    The course is "advanced" in several ways. First, it assumes previous exposure to the topics so that we can go somewhat more deeply into them. Second, the course will involve a good deal of student participation and responsibility in the learning process, for example in class discussions, demonstrations, and projects.